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20 Hacker Tricks for Attacking Web Apps

At the DC PHP Developers Group meeting on January 9th I had the pleasure of giving my very first talk to a tech group.

Since other people have given excellent talks focusing on a few top attack methods, I tried to give a broader survey to show some of the diversity of the hacking mindset. If this talk triggered some thoughts like, “It never occurred to me that hackers might try that”, then I met my goal.

My original slides were a little rough… to avoid shame and embarrassment I edited them a bit before posting them here for public consumption:

20 Hacker Tricks for Attacking Web Apps

I welcome any comments, especially if they will help improve the content or my performance. I’d like to give updated talks along the same line in the future. I’d also like to cover ways to harden web applications against hacking.

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  • thanks for the great slides! The presentation is a great starting point for learning more security techniques and following the community more closely.

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