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Optimizing MySQL for Web Applications

If you have a slow web app and you suspect the database is part of the issue, then this is for you.

I gave a version of this talk last night to the DC PHP Developers Group.

I’m not pretending to be a Join-fu Drunken Query Master at this point, but I’ve had success dealing with poorly performing database-driven applications, based on research and tweaking. The slides are a slightly prettified version of notes I originally collected for myself. YMMV.

I’d love to learn about your experiences, and I think the community would also like to see whatever you can share.

3 Responses to “Optimizing MySQL for Web Applications”

  • Phil Thompson says:

    I was at this talk at Barcamp (good job!). There was a cheap DNS management tool that a few people managed – do you remember the name?

    Also – another person mentioned the importance of a good my.cnf file and referenced a website where you can find it. Do you know the website?

    I looked on the wiki page and this info isn’t there.


  • Barry says:

    @Phil – Thanks for the comment! Sorry, I didn’t take notes of those things. Hopefully someone else remembers and can post the info (hint hint).

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