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DC PHP Developers’ Community

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

A new website for the PHP community launched yesterday: Thanks to Keith Casey, Brandon Savage and Joe LeBlanc for making that happen.

The new site:

  • Has a blog with community-related content
  • Is a hub for interesting posts and sites around the community
  • Includes a quick-and-easy signup for the DC PHP Developers’ Group email list
  • Has a directory of DC PHP developers and the companies we work for (I’m the moderator)

On a semi-related note, I’m now organizing DC PHP Beverage Subgroup meetings in Washington, DC. This is nothing formal, just an opportunity for DC PHP community members and friends to gather socially. The first meeting I organized was at R.F.D. Washington on March 3rd which coincided with a large and friendly gathering of people who were in town for DrupalCon.